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Sarada suivant Boruto dans les rues de Konoha. Sarada est vue pour la première fois à la fin du cours de Shino à l'Académie, plusieurs années après la Quatrième Grande Guerre Ninja, observant, perplexe, Boruto, son camarade de classe, qui se réjouissait de la fin des cours, ayant l'occasion de faire des farces Sarada helps Boruto. After leaving a night training session, Sarada bumps into Boruto and they discuss how the career of Boruto's favorite actor, Kagemasa, has been stalled.Boruto sees a shadow possess another person and chases after that person, with Sarada following him out of concern Sarada and Mitsuki continue to pressure Boruto to enter the Chunin Exams but it's only Sarada's reminder that Naruto will watch the performances of the finalists that gets Boruto to agree. in preparation for the Chunin Exams, Boruto trains with Sasuke who has briefly returned to Konoha When Sasuke appears unappreciative of the hard work that. In Boruto. Sarada is also a supporting character in the film Boruto: Naruto the Movie (2015), where she appears as a low-ranking ninja (Genin) and forms a team with Boruto Uzumaki, Mitsuki, and their teacher Konohamaru Sarutobi. Sarada, Mitsuki and Boruto participate in the ninja examination to become mid-ranking ninjas, Chunin

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Eventually, Boruto comes to respect Sarada's father Sasuke because he sees him going out doing cool ninja missions to protect the village. Sarada on the other hand comes to respect Boruto's father Naruto because he so clearly cares about everyone in the village, viewing them all as an extended family. 7 THE MEDI ANIME MOMENT . Boruto Kiss Sarada I do not own any of the song or pictures, all rights goes to the respected owners -----.. Anime: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ボルト Music: Arrows To Athens - Used To Be ♪ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valera_amv/ -----.. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has plenty of new characters that are going to be the next big thing in the world of ninjas. One of these characters is Sarada Uchiha. Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. She is a part of the new generation Team 7 along with Mitsuki and Boruto Uzumaki Se gostou do video se inscreva e ative as notificações no sininho pra receber os vídeos ~Confira as Camisetas, Canecas e Almofadas na loja do canal pra dar a..

Sarada Uchiha (うちはサラダ, Uchiha Sarada) is the nineteenth episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Sarada watches Boruto vandalizing the Hokage Rock from afar. Many of her classmates train with their fathers. Naruto pursues Boruto through the village, and Sarada misinforms him when Boruto asks her not to give away his location. Sarada deduces Boruto wants to get his father's. #boruto This fan art is based on Boruto novel 4 Where #Sarada had a dream that she was in war and her mom #sakura Got killed Sorry if it is a bit dark but I tried to make it look like a nightmare. Ez Boruto és nem Naruto :D unalmas lenne, ha ugyanarra a koncepcióra építenék az egészet, csak más szereplőkkel. Ne legyetek már egysíkúak emberek... Inkább élvezzétek a részeket, ne állandóan csak rinyáljatok, hogy mi nem jó Boruto and Sarada reach Mitsuki but they are surrounded by the Fabrications. When delivering the heart to Ku, Mitsuki instead betrays him and attacks him, revealing he was an agent working to take them down. Mitsuki makes peace with Boruto and Sarada but the trio is confronted by the remaining Fabrications. 90 Mitsuki and Sekie

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Boruto sarada. 666 likes · 8 talking about this. Local Busines Boruto Sarada. 677 likes · 101 talking about this. Movie Characte

Mar 6, 2019 - Explore Yu Feng Lai's board Boruto and Sarada on Pinterest. See more ideas about Boruto and sarada, Boruto, Boruto x Ez a lista a Boruto: Naruto következő generációja című animesorozat epizódjainak felsorolását tartalmazza, melyet Abe Norijuki és Yamashita Hiroyuki rendezett és a Studio Pierrot, illetve a TV Tokyo gyártásában készült. A sorozat ezentúl Naruto fiáról, Uzumaki Borutoról szól, ezzel átadva a helyet a következő generációnak.. Accidental Kiss: Subverted.In episode 38, Sarada has quick reflexes and thus Boruto kissed the sole of her shoe instead of her mouth. Adaptational Angst Upgrade: In relation to her Sharingan awakening.In Naruto Gaiden, her Sharingan first appears during her sprint to the tower Sasuke is in, and it was commonly interpreted that hers was a uniquely shown case of a Sharingan awakening due to a. VOUS LISEZ. Boruto x Sarada Fanfiction. Sarada et Boruto sont dans le même lycée et ils sont très amis, tout comme leur parents. Tout les amis de Boruto et lui même ont 16 ans sauf himawari (la sœur de Boruto) qui à 15 ans. Ils ont 16 ans et auront 17 ans cette année Sarada wants Boruto in every way possible. She wants to have a relationship like her parents, to fully be in sync with Boruto in every way shape and form. Which wouldn't take much, truthfully only a few short words. I don't just mean being Hokage. I don't want to do life without you Boruto. Her face heats up with the confession as.


A blog dedicated to the OTP of Uzumaki Boruto and Uchiha Sarada. #ffffff. Arial. 18pt. 12pt. 15pt. 21pt. 24pt. 27pt. 30pt. 33pt. 36pt. 39pt. 42pt. 47pt. 52pt. 57pt. 62pt. Boruto x Sarada Ask me anything A blog dedicated to the OTP of Uzumaki Boruto and Uchiha Sarada Sarada! Boruto called out as he watched her slam the front door making the entire house shake. He stood in a rage as he stared at the treasured vase, in pieces on the floor. I wasn't going to post this until I finished chapter 4. But that might take a while considering how busy I'll be. Things are about to heat up Let me add a bollywood films 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' and 'BodyGuard' styled take on the answer for the above question, > Sumire has feelings for Boruto > Boruto is blind to those feelings. > Sarada and Boruto dont want to have feelings for each other.. Assista BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS Episódio 21, Sasuke and Sarada, na Crunchyroll. Sarada finalmente encontra seu pai, mas as condições não são das melhores... Um homem estranho com o.

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  1. Sarada might be better in jutsu taijutsu but Boruto is a much better fighter when it comes to ninjutsu AND taijutsu. His shadow clones + taijutsu is way to much for Sarada and we have already seen that. Boruto stream is too fast for Sarada, she cannot dodge it
  2. Aug 18, 2018 - Explore Estephanie's board boruto and sarada on Pinterest. See more ideas about Boruto and sarada, Boruto, Boruto x
  3. enjoy my work ? :) please support me;) your support encourages me to do more animations https://www.patreon.com/Ponchi https://subscribestar.adult/ponch
  4. amúgy ha sarada megtudná hogy miért ölték meg az uchiha-kat ő is bosszút akarna? és ha igen ki állítaná meg, sasuke vagy boruto vagy naruto? Kirito8 2017-09-27 16:06:2
  5. Receba notificação quando Boruto x Sarada - The Sweet Love. for atualizada Faça sua conta no Spirit e Adicione na Biblioteca, assim você será avisado quando tiver um novo Capítulo. Você também poderá deixar seu Comentário / Favorito estimulando o autor a continuar a História
  6. Boruto, Sarada e Shikadai ficam para enfrentar Kokuyou próximo a Iwagakure, mas Chouchou e Inojin aparecem para formar o Ino-Shika-Cho, enquanto Boruto e Sarada vão atrás de Mitsuki. O grupo de Shikadai parece não conseguir dar conta de Kokuyou por não usar jutsus e só consegue lutar usando uma tonfa e com a ajuda de um Akuta e recuam

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Boruto And Sarada Uchiha Funko Pop Bundle Naruto Next Generations. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options Sarada can't get ems because you need 2 ms and the only uchiha that is alive is saskue and he only has one. Sarada also can't get the rinnegan because it would use up to much chakra because she can't deactivate it meaning it will always be draining her chakra Boruto x Sarada by Black-chappy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Community wall photos VK is the largest European social network with more than 100 million active users Watch BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS Episode 21, Sasuke and Sarada, on Crunchyroll. Sarada arrives at the tower where her father is, only to be hurt by Sasuke's surprising words and actions As a result, Suigetsu did a DNA test that said that Karin was the real mother of Sarada, which shocked the Boruto fandom.Sakura; - Sasuke, Naruto Cho-Cho and Sadara had to meet with Orochimaru.

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BoruSara | Boruto x Sarada VK is the largest European social network with more than 100 million active users. Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in touch Jun 8, 2020 - Anything that supports my current favorite ship. See more ideas about Boruto and sarada, Boruto, Boruto x

Boruto♡Sarada | BoruSara Добро пожаловать в наш уютный уголок. Мы рады каждому участнику°˖ (⁰ ⁰) ˖ Welcome fellow Shinobi to the best community dedicated to the world of Boruto! Cancel. Explore; Sign In ; Get App ; Featured; Latest; Wiki; Polls; Quizzes; Shared Folder; About; Mitsuki X Sarada VS Boruto X Sarada . Lunar_chan 09/30/17 . 12. 8. Mitsuki x sarada . 27.0% . Boruto x sarada . 73.0% . 74 votes · Voting has ended . Share to. Copied.

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  1. Sarada Uchiha is a character of the manga and anime series Naruto. She is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Abilities 4.1 Physical and Chakra Prowness 4.2 Dojutsu 4.2.1 Sharingan 5 Relationship 5.1 Boruto Uzumaki 6 Trivia Sarada was born to Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Uchiha (nee Haruno) four years after the Fourth Shinobi World War.
  2. Добро пожаловать в наш уютный уголок. Мы рады каждому участнику°˖ (⁰ ⁰) ˖
  3. Boruto Uzumaki Mitsuki Sarada Uchiha. 1920x1200 Anime Boruto RyuZU² . 114.
  4. Si el hijo de Boruto y Sarada hereda al Byakugan de los Hyuuga, su capacidad sensorial sería absurda, ya que ya tiene la sangre de un Uzumaki, entonces sería dos factores de capacidad sensorial alta en una sola persona, sin contar las grandes cantidades de chakra

Boruto, fils de Naruto 7e hokage du village de Konoha, celui-ci est promis à un brillant avenir en tant que shinobi. Comme son père, Boruto est une tête brûlée qui fait beaucoup de bêtises. Mitsuki et Sarada font équipe avec lui. Découvrez comment la nouvelle génération va défendre leur village Of all the parent-child relationships in Boruto, Sarada and Sasuke's is one of the most complicated. While Naruto and Boruto easily hold the top spot for angst, the Uchiha family has had a lot of years of separation, a lot of history hidden in the dark, and a lot of feelings still not said between them. After all, they have twelve years of catching up to do Sarada is very skilled with Genjutsu and can read Boruto's movements and replicate his jutsu. Also she has better strinking powers. Boruto is more skilled, stronger in jutsu usage and smart

Sarada being jealous and bitter about Boruto not only having a father around but his father being the Hokage and being from a line of Hokage is not Boruto's problem and she shouldn't force him to deal with it as much as it wasn't her mother's place to make her feelings for Sasuke Naruto's problem Sarada's arc may have ended last week, but this week's Boruto feels like a bonus episode, giving us one more story featuring the Uchiha child (and her forgotten friend, Boruto)

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The painful subject matter, Sasuke's indifference, and Sarada's tearful outburst feels more realistic than anything Boruto or even Sumire's stories could muster. But Sarada isn't the only. Sarada Uchiha (うちはサラダ, Uchiha Sarada) is the deuteragonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series. She is Sakura and Sasuke's daughter, being a kunoichi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan and a member of Team Konohamaru.. She is voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Cherami Leigh in the English version of the anime

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Sarada Uchiha (うちは サラダ, Uchiha Sarada?) es un personaje ficticio del manga Boruto de Masashi Kishimoto. En la serie extendida (spin-off), Sarada incorrectamente cree que Sakura no es su verdadera madre, por tal motivo se va a una misión para confirmarlo Boruto Sarada. 3,099 likes · 75 talking about this. Movie Characte

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  1. Boruto: mas Sarada - Boruto foi capaz de ver as lágrimas de formando e como Mitsuki disse uma vez : não há nada mais assustadora que o choro de uma mulher - tudo bem. Vou te levar para lá. Chegando em casa, Boruto coloca Sarada sentada em sua cama. A garota ficou passando a mão pela colcha, sentindo sua fibra e relembrando momentos
  2. As the end of the ninja era looms near, Sarada escapes, leaving Boruto behind to search for her parents. A long-planned plot to end the Uchiha once and for all (again lmao) is uncovered, and the two-pronged attack, dividing the future Hokage from her future Protector can be traced far back to before Sarada and Boruto, or even their parents.
  3. Feb 19, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Lakshmi Karra. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres
  4. Boruto: 5 Curiosidades sobre Sarada Uchiha, a Kunoichi mais promissora. By. Daniel Oliveira. 3 semanas ago . Sarada é filha de Sakura e Sasuke Uchiha, além de ser o segundo membro vivo de seu Clã. Por ser de um Clã poderoso, existem grandes expectativas do fandom que Sarada se torne uma Kunoichi com grandes habilidades no futuro
  5. Watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 19 Online at Anime-Planet. Boruto pulls a prank and is pursued around the village by Naruto. Seeing this, Sarada can't help but be exasperated, but a part of her grows wistful as she thinks of her father, Sasuke, whom she hasn't seen since she was a baby. She begins to feel doubt after she sees a photo of Sasuke with a young woman wearing glasses
  6. Naruto's Sequel Should Have Been About Sarada, Not Boruto. The Naruto sequel series focuses on the title character's son, Boruto. But the main character should've been Sasuke and Sakura's daughter, Sarada. Craig Elvy Jan 26, 2020. Boruto Is Finally Moving Away From Filler In 2020

Sarada tampaknya bisa merangkak ke luar dari lubang itu, tapi tentu menjadi kesulitan yang tak biasa. Boruto dan Mitsuki masih memerlukan waktu untuk kabur dari penjara, dan jika Sarada tidak menggunakan trik Genjutsu untuk menghadapi trik dari Benga, sudah bisa dipastikan Sarada akan dalam situasi yang buruk

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112 best images about Boruto x Sarada on Pinterest | PostsBoruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 17: "Run, SaradaDie ZUKUNFT von BORUTO X SARADA! - YouTube
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